Wool-it Works Magic Against Blisters


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 Hey, y’all! Michelle Long here with you today. Being an HLAW Ambassador has a few perks. Product reviews being an example. Ambassadors are provided a product and asked to use it over a period of time, truly putting the product through the paces. Jill Dunbar (Hello!) and I offered to review Wool-it. We’re gonna tag-team this review and maybe discuss some of our thoughts about the product as we review.


(Meet Michelle & Jill. Internet Besties. You’ve been warned.)

About Wool-it.

Wool-it is a blister prevention product from New Zealand. It’s simply New Zealand sheep wool. That’s all. Simple and easy. It works, too.

Wool-it works under the premise that blisters are caused by friction. Relieve the friction.  Prevent the blister. Pack the suspect area with Wool-it, pull your socks over and that’s it!

Wool-it is easy to carry along on a hike. It weighs next to nothing. This is a huge plus.

I’ve used Wool-it now several different times. In several environments, using multiple types of footwear.  I’ve started hikes using the product. Stopped in the midst of a hike and used Wool-it on a hot spot. I’ve used it when my feet have been soaked and I’ve changed socks. I’ve used it with hiking boots and two different pairs of trail runners.

For the most part, I really like this product. It takes a little practice to get it into place and get your sock on without displacing the product. Once this is mastered, it works like a charm. The only drawbacks I experienced using Wool-it are are when changing wet socks and using it under my bunion. It’s hard enough the get socks on pruned-up feet without the added difficulty of trying to keep the Wool-it in place. Same thing with the bunion. I have a hot spot that pops ups on the bottom of my foot under my bunion.  I found it dang near impossible to get it right. I either had too much product or not enough. This spot is incredibly difficult to keep the Wool-it in place while putting on a sock. It would take several attempts to get it to stay in place and then, of course, I’d have too much or too little of the product to get the right fit. I did not have this issue with other areas of my feet that I used the product. I found it easy to use once I mastered keeping it in place while putting on socks. I will surely buy more of this product once I use up the supply I was given.


What did you think, Jill? Did you have difficulty with keeping it in place at all?

Well, Michelle, let me tell you that this is the coolest product I’ve run across for preventing blisters.  I  was anxious to try it out as I live in the heart of NW Colorado’s sheep industry, so I’m always on the lookout for sheep wool products.  Because Wool-it is made from sheep wool, it contains lanolin which is a natural moisturizer found in the fiber.  I found the lanolin to be beneficial in softening calluses that were present before I started using Wool-it.

I like the packaging.  It’s lightweight and easily stuffs into a pocket of my daypack, backpack or even the pocket of my jacket.  Weight is a huge factor in determining what goes into a backpack on a long hike.  I love that fact that this product is all natural.  That is a huge selling point for me.  Even the packaging is all natural.

Another plus is the fact that you do not need extra tools to use Wool-it.  I am used to carrying moleskin with me on hikes.  Although it comes in pre-cut patches, I am always having to cut the patches to a different size using a pocket knife or small pair of scissors. With Wool-it, you just use your fingers to separate the fibers into whatever size you need – no scissors or pocket knife needed.  To me, the less tools, the better.  And there is no backing to deal with or extra trash that needs to be carried out,  

I like the fact that once you place the Wool-it where it is needed, it felts into your sock. Once it felts into your sock, it stays there until you remove it.  When I first used the Wool-it, I thought it would be too bulky and I would be feeling it every step of the way like I do when I use moleskin.  Not so.  Once I shaped the fibers into the size I needed, I placed the Wool-it and forgot about it.  Placing it was difficult as it did slide around when I put my sock on. But, I learned to place the product, then roll my sock over it like you would when pulling on pantyhose (guys, you’re on your own with this one), and gently ease my sock up and over my foot.

That being said, I also had difficulty in deciding how much of the fiber I needed.  I think everyone is sensitive to different types of bulkiness, so there is a bit of a learning curve when placing the Wool-it on a hot spot or sensitive area.  I used it numerous times on different parts of my feet ~ each spot required a different amount of Wool-it.  So, that was a bit frustrating, but when I thought about it, no more so than cutting and shaping a piece of moleskin.  And unlike moleskin, no Wool-it is wasted in the process.  And sometimes, Wool-it is reusable!

I did get to use Wool-it in a way I hadn’t thought about.  I am in the process of losing a toenail (war wound!) ~ it has been catching on my sock and is extremely painful when it does.  I have been using the Wool-it to cushion my toe.  It works wonderfully and I don’t have to worry about snagging the nail and having to endure the pain when it does.  I’m curious to see if the Wool-it will help cushion the nail bed while the new nail is growing.

I highly recommend using the Wool-it.  Don’t be afraid of learning to use it.  Once you find your happy place, your feet will thank you!  I wish I had Wool-it with me last summer when I hiked 45 miles of the Colorado Trail.  I think a lot of pain and suffering could have been avoided with a little bit of sheep’s wool placed in strategic locations on my foot!


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