Stocking-filler For Hikers Under $20

Camino hiker? Day Tramper? Walker?

Woolit-Products-Sept15-0549-300x300It’s tough to find great gifts for outdoor adventurers that are unique , essential and don’t add heaps of weight to the backpack!

Show you care : TALK TO THE FEET!

Wool-it is 100% natural fibre grown and processed in New Zealand and super-lightweight.

Wool-it is easy to apply

Wool-it is easy to apply

Easy to use – just apply a tuft of Wool-it directly onto the painful hot spot on unbroken-skin.

Replace sock to secure it.

Don’t get caught on the back foot!        ORDER NOW at www.woolit.co.nz

Pay just standard NZ Post rate and we will COURIER  to your door!

(Courier Offer only available within NZ)

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