Wool-It Review – “An ingenious and ultralight solution to blisters ”

Posted by Danny Pearson on Dec 12, 2022

Thank you Danny of Ultralight Outdoor Gear – our UK Wool-it outlet /online retailer, for taking time to give Wool-it a work out for this blog.

Blisters are usually caused by poorly fitting footwear, friction, warm or damp feet rubbing inside your shoes.

If you are walking long distances then it’s likely that at some point you have experienced the discomfort of a blister. On multiday treks it can be a real problem not only due to the pain but also the risk of infection. Preventing blisters from forming in the first place is the best option.

If you’re out on a trek, you can’t change footwear. There are ways to prevent or reduce blisters including using 2 pairs of socks, foot creams and taping to mention a few.

Wool-It in New Zealand have come up with an ingenious and ultralight solution to blisters and in our experience it works. Wool-It is exactly as the name suggests, natural New Zealand wool.

It’s a very simple idea, add some wool inside your sock or against your skin where you feel a hot spot or a blister trying to form. You can’t get a more natural and renewable solution than wool from Romney and Corriedale sheep. The wool comes from ethically farmed sheep who live all year round on grass pastures. The wool is thoroughly cleaned using bio-degradable detergent.

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