Wool-it – Kind to feet and the planet!

The Wool-it Team are super excited to bring you the 

new slimmer, slicker, fits in your pocket, environmentally friendly

18 gm Wool-it Pillow Box

We’re working hard here to phase out the plastic elements of our packaging and we’re well on the way!

Wool-it will STOP BLISTERS when applied promptly to a hot spot. Simply pack over and around the hot spot and then let the 100% natural sheep fleece wick away the moisture and prevent further friction with it’s bouncy cushioning properties. With Wool-it in place, put the sock/stocking back on and it will felt naturally into the weave of the sock, doing away with the need for harsh adhesives.

Wool-it is available at all DOC Visitor Centres and select retailers throughout New Zealand. Also available in USA, Japan and Australia. Click here to find where you can buy Wool-it

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Wool-it is ideal for all athletes, skiers, tennis players, golfers as well as Diabetics, aged care, nurses, tradies steelcap boots and anyone else with a hot spot on the feet!


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