Some days it just doesn’t look enticing to get outside and treat your body to some exercise

– especially in winter.

You want to go, but…

….here are a few tips to help get started.






Dress for it early.                                                           

Have your exercise clothes out and ready to pull on first thing in the morning.

You’ll feel better already if you like your choice of gear – it feels good and looks good.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an exercise time planned, these work out clothes

are not coming off until your exercise is done.





Don’t go it alone – yet

Commit to a friend or join a group – either way , if you have agreed to an activity with another party it’s a lot harder to pull out.

A group you pay to join will bring a whole new level of commitment

– but so too will the pleading eyes of a loved one desperate to get outside,

so keep the harness and lead handy.

Work towards a regular schedule and prioritise it in your day.

Start heading off on your own occasionally. (Just don’t leave the dog behind!)


Have a reason to get fitter

Whatever the dream – general fitness , preparation for a big event or watcing your waistline, make it a reality with small steps.

It’s easy to clok up the time with 5 minutes of fexercise every hour for 8 hours (and good for your system anyway).

If your goal is 10 kms a day – that can also be broken down into several rounds of the block, a walk to the shop or visit a friend.

Don’t lose sight of why you are doing this.


Vary it.

Don’t always walk the same path. Throw in a new park or the odd gentle hill.

Wet days would find me clocking up 10 kms undercover of a shopping mall.

It’s amazing what you can achieve –  walking every aisle of a big chain store and repeating the circuit a couple of times.

Even the underground carpark adds to the variety.

Dust off that bike at the back of the garage and hop on it once a week for a few rounds.

Book a class of yoga or pilates or stretching once a week.



Reward Yourself

Your ultimate reward will be achieving your goal and discovering that making time for your exercise becomes your reward.

The more you do the more you will enjoy it.

In the meantime plan a pat on the back with anything except food. Try giving yourself a little extra reading time, call a friend you don’t often get to speak to or occasionally buy a bunch of your favourite flowers.

Special thanks (in order of appearance) to Mr Murdoch, Abigail, Pippa, Jimmy and Freddie.


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