Stop Blisters Wool-it – Now available CHCH

Woolit-Products-Sept15-0566-385x385 Christchurch Retailers care about your feet too!
Stop Blisters! Wool-it , is now available at: Complete Outdoors, St Alban’s Pharmacy, Crisp’s Healthy Living, Amcal Kendal Pharmacy and Unichem Ilam.
They are all keen to help you break in new shoes and boots, train for your next marathon, walk over variable terrain, play tennis hard-out and enjoy your golf more. Wool-it is brilliant for many others who suffer the pain and inconvenience of painful hot spots on their feet!
For more details of their locations in Christchurch and for all the other places you can buy Stop Blisters! Wool-it take a look at https://woolit.co.nz/how-to-wool-it/faq/ FAQ’s Where Can I buy Wool-it?

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